Gergiev + Mahler = <3

I have the score to Mahler 2 on loan from the local university’s score library, and it’s due in the next couple of weeks and I hadn’t listened to it in a while, so I figured i’d go on youtube and listen to the first movement or something. So then I found this. I loved it, trembling hands and all (I mean, seriously, he does that in every piece he conducts. It may be a medical condition). I loved how he took the second movement attaca into the third. I wasn’t expecting it so those two opening timpani strokes scared me. I also dug the quick tempo in the scherzo. The forth was great too. I have trouble finding a contralto that I actually like, and this one was pretty good. As the comments on the video suggest, yes the finale was fast. Before the chorus came in it worked great, but he should’ve slowed it down a bit for the climax. Also, I loved that free time part at rehearsal 29 with the off-stage brass. I’ve never heard it that slow, but it was awesome! My favorite part may have been Gergiev’s face at the end. It was a sort of, yeah, whatever, i’m the best, type of thing.

In conclusion: Great performance.


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