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Conductors don’t talk

My band director referred me to the above recording of Maslanka 4 last week or so. So, I watched it. It’s the Texas All-State Symphonic Band, it has to automatically kick ass. The interpretation wasn’t so great. It was entirely … Continue reading

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Messiaen: O Sacrum Convivium

This is literally one of the most beautiful and powerful 3:35 seconds I have ever heard. The composition itself is stunning and this performance is masterful. How many more superlatives do I need? Just listen, seriously. I’ve been listening to … Continue reading

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Ives: Son of a Gambolier

I’ve been addicted to this piece for about a week now. This isn’t the Ives that I think of when I think of Ives, but it still is just an excellent piece of music. Absolutely charming. Point to listen for: … Continue reading

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View from the Audience: Percpetion v. Reality

Last Thursday my youth Wind Ensemble had our fall concert. We played excellently, but that is beside the point. The Youth Symphony Orchestra, on the same program, played the last movement from Mahler’s 3rd Symphony. Sitting in the audience, I was struck by … Continue reading

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The Guy Behind the Glasses

If you know one thing about Dmitri Shostakovich it is probably something related to his relationship to the Soviet government. How did he really feel about communism? Was most of his music anti-establishment? I don’t know for certain, but I … Continue reading

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Auditions are Stupid

I had an audition today for the All-State festival. It reminded me how utterly dumb the audition process is. First off, the music that we play on the audition is music we’ll never play in an ensemble that we’re auditioning … Continue reading

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