Ives: Son of a Gambolier

I’ve been addicted to this piece for about a week now. This isn’t the Ives that I think of when I think of Ives, but it still is just an excellent piece of music. Absolutely charming. Point to listen for: the Kazoo chorus. Bet you’ve never seen that before in a piece of music (side note: I’ve seen one other piece where players can use a kazoo: Rollo Takes a Walk, by David Maslanka, a piece, ironically, inspired by Ives). What did Ives really mean when he said “Kazoo Chorus: Flutes, fiddles, and flagolets” and then later “add piccolos, ocarinas, and fifes” with a indication of trombone? I don’t know if he genuinely wanted all that, but it’s pretty much all there in this recording.


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