Have I got a deal for you: Classical CDs


Believe it or not, there is actually a record store in my area. They actually have vinyl too so that just makes it even better. I was there the other day when I bought the above album: Karajan conducting the Berlin Phil in Sibelius symphonies 4-7 with Swan of Tuonela, and Tapiola (I’m listening to the 7th right now. The sound quality of the disc is suberb, and it was recorded in the 60s). I got it for the amazing price of $6.97. Two discs, new, for 7 bucks. I might as well have stolen it. I got another disc: It was supposed to be Tchaikovsky 6 and music from the Sleeping Beauty, but instead it had his three first symphonies. The wrong discs, seriously. Well it was used, and only cost $2.97. Still, two discs for 3 dollars. This is madness! I’m not complaining. I got 4 discs for literally under $10. In the past I’ve also got some great used albums for under $10: Symphonie Fantastique (Philadelphia, Ormandy), The Planets (London Symphony), and my personal favorite, Shostakovich Symphony 8 (London Symphony, Previn). But I also got Stevie Wonder’s Songs in the Key of Life (a phenomenal album. You need to own it), a double disc-er for $13. That’s almost twice as much as my Karajan recording. Why it cost more used than the new Sibelius disc? Well, bluntly, It is far more likely that someone will by an album by Stevie Wonder than an album of Sibelius. It’s the truth. If you disagree, you need to get out of your hole and join society.

Also when I was at the store the other day, I saw a marked-down bin full of classical stuff for under $4. I looked through it in hope of finding some remarkable deal, but it was all compilation stuff: “Romantic Classical” ect. Maybe this is why no one wants to buy classical music (along with a plethora of other reasons, mainly society): it is marketed as something to be listened to in the background. (In slightly pretentious voice) “I’m going to put on some classical and take a hot bath with some red wine.” Spoiler alert: This is the kind of music that is meant to be listened to, not to be put on in the background.

I’ve come up with a new way to sell classical music: Sex. Hear me out. Make a disc with 8 different versions of Bolero, and market it as, “Really Romantic Intimate Classical, Baby”. Ravel never seemed so sexy. Everyone will buy that disc, and hopefully find it sensual enough to buy more Ravel, and hopefully they will like that and branch out into more classical music. That’s my modest proposal…

In conclusion: Well, if you can get a whole bunch of great music for under $10, good for you.

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