Listen to this: Shostakovich – Trumpet Concerto?

I really only follow one blogger, and that is Eric Klackner. I think he’s informative and entertaining, and has also helped expose me to some great music. Today he posted a link to a trumpet version of Rhapsody in Blue, and alluded to a trumpet version of Shostakovich’s first piano concerto. So of course I needed to find it and check it out. This Russian trumpet player, Timofei Dokshizer, has transcribed a bunch of orchestral works as trumpet solos for him to play. Apparently the normal trumpet lit. wasn’t good enough for him. But this version is very odd. Why? Because there was already a solo trumpet part in the original. It was originally “Concerto for Piano, Trumpet, and Strings.” Now it is “Concerto for Trumpet, Piano, and Strings.” It’s weird mostly because so little is changed; single note piano melodies are just for the trumpet now. It’s slightly bizarre… But the trumpet playing is very good, so really I shouldn’t complain. I’m not sure how Dmitri would feel about this, but I think he would at least admire the playing.

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2 Responses to Listen to this: Shostakovich – Trumpet Concerto?

  1. crackladen says:

    Awesome…Dokshizer makes the rounds!

    Appreciate your kind words as well…we’re a small community, we regular peeps who like the elitist shit! Keep on rocking in the free world!

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