Auditions are Stupid: pt 2

In general, I don’t like complaining. I feel like I’m just whining to people who don’t care, even if they do. I especially don’t like doing it on the internet, because there people really don’t care. That being said…

I recently visited a college, which I won’t name, in order to do an audition to get into the music program. I got there obnoxiously early; my audition was scheduled for 3:15, and I got there at 11:00, because we had to check out of our hotel. When I checked in I found out they were already 15 minutes behind. Great. To kill time I went to the score library and followed along to Shostakovich’s 1st piano concerto (the simply amazing recording of Maxim Shostakovich conducting, and his son, Dmitri playing the solo part. Soooo good). I ended up getting a little tour from some of the students, who were very nice and informative, and answered all questions as honestly as they could. To kill more time I read the newspaper. At about 2:30 I got a practice room and warmed up, and messed around on the piano. I had heard that everything was back on schedule, so at 3:15 I went to the interview room. Oh, turns out that they were two people behind. Great. I go back to my practice room. At around 3:45, I get summoned to go back, but they let the girl who was scheduled for 3:45 to go before me because I wasn’t there, because of course they assume that I am just sitting there waiting eagerly to be called in. I get into the room at about 3:55 or so, or in other words, 40 minutes late. Awesome. I go in and play a bit of the third movement of the Paul Creston sax sonata (an amazing work). That went well. Then came the questioning. In the 10-15 minutes I was in there I was asked only two questions pertaining to composition, and they were superficial at best. The rest of the time, I was harshly berated for not having any recordings of my work. I had visited some prestigious institutions and they were fine with me not having recordings, but here at this little school with shitty facilities, and young, and seemingly ignorant faculty, recordings were beyond essential, probably because they had the ears of an untrained 4-year old. Also, when I listed off composers who were important to me, Shostakovich, Mahler, Maslanka, I was met with unknowing looks. Awesome. By the time I walked out, I was furious. No one knew what was going on, everything was massively behind schedule, and the teachers were stupid. Yes, that’s a great incentive to give you my money, not.

Why do institutions let this happen? I mean why? Going there was a complete disincentive. I don’t care if they give me a full ride for 4 years, I would never go there. A waste of time. Everywhere else I’ve been was remarkably pleasant and even fun. I hope there are more nice schools than these downright awful ones.

Sorry for wasting your time, and complaining on the internet. I won’t do it again, unless something else really pisses me off.

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