Holy Jesus: Circus Galop

I vaguely remember somehow hearing about this piece many moons ago, so I looked it up. After listening to the crazy Liszt Rigoletto Paraphrase today I was reminded of the Circus Galop. What it seems to be is the result of a dare between Marc Hamelin and MIDI software, where the challenge was to try to break the software. The software won. To play the piece as written is humanly impossible. Several pianos would be required, and several gods. I don’t mean like piano gods, I mean like Zeus and the Earth Mother. It took Hamelin 3 years to write this sucker, and I can’t blame him: there are more notes on a single page of Circus Galop than I have written in my whole life. I enjoy the final page: “The fatal accident.” What does that even mean? The whole piece seems to be a joke, and it better be, because this is some funny stuff.


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