Happy B-Day: Rite of Spring

So I had a gig tonight. It went better than the Rite of Spring premier 100 years ago to the day, which is to say that there was no riot…

I first heard the Rite of Spring in my freshman year of high school. My band director had the score, and he had made some copies of the introduction and the first few pages of the Augurs of Spring for his theory class, which I was not in. One of the copies was just lying around the band room, so I was checking it out, and then my teacher came over and started pointing out all the crazy poly-rhythms and stuff. He gave me a disc with a copy of the Rite with dancers (the Joffery reconstruction), and at first I really didn’t know what to make of it, but I knew right away that I was listening to something completely different from everything that I had ever heard. I quickly became interested in the music.

I think this is one of the most interesting videos I’ve ever seen. For those who don’t know (read: everybody) the guy talking, Michael Colgrass is a phenomenal composer, and has written some amazing tone poems for band (check out “Winds of Nagual,” you won’t be disappointed), and he was also a freelance percussionist back in the day, thus this awesome story. The idea of doing the Rite of Spring without a conductor, jesus.


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