Berlioz: Tristia

I may have already mentioned my love for Berlioz. If I haven’t, I love Berlioz, a lot. I really don’t think he gets the respect he deserves as far as influencing the next generation of composers. Huge orchestra’s: Berlioz did it first. Brilliant scoring: Berlioz did it first. Being a full fledged Romantic: Berlioz (or maybe Schumann if you want to be a bitch) did it first.

On a whim, I decided to listen to Berlioz’s Tristia, a sort of non huge Berlioz work: not a symphony or large scale vocal work, but it’s for orchestra and chorus, cause you know, every piece needs a chorus. Also another Shakespeare inspired work. Find inspiration somewhere else Hector, although Hamlet isn’t too bad. I’m listening along, and about every minute or so I say to myself, Shit that sounds like Mahler, except it’s Berlioz. Mahler must’ve known Berlioz’s music, the big time conductor he was. This is some good stuff. Berlioz is often hit or miss, but I think this is three hits for ol’ Hector. And man the ending of the last movement: soft and unresolved. In the middle 1800’s? Damn.

Apparently, uploading the whole thing to youtube is hard, so only the first movement isn’t on there. These are both from the Colin Davis recording, which I personally have, it’s coupled with a killer Harold In Italy.

Second movement

Third movement

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