The Espansiva gets it’s balls knocked off

Before today, somehow I had managed to not watch this performance of Nielsen’s 3rd Symphony. You think I would’ve listened to it by now, considering I’ve been a huge fan of the work for quite a while now, and also considering its a performance by a Danish orchestra, and conductor (Thomas Dausgaard). Thank god I found it!

This is the best version of this piece I’ve heard, hands down. The first movement is damn perfect. The brass section is worth particular note. Also the wind section is of particular note, and the low strings too. Hell, everyone sounds great! The interpretation is perfect. It has the energy of Bernstein with more of the details and also more fidelity to the score in my mind. They really kick it up in the development section and the climax is earth shaking. The second movement has more of the astounding wind playing and the strings sound so rich and full in their big tuttis. The vocal soloists are wonderful, not completely overpowering the orchestra and fitting in the sound. My only issue is they are onstage, but that is very minor. The third movement gives the principal oboe plenty of time to shine, and shine she does, but again the whole group is magnificent. The only problem a listener could find with this interpretation is with the tempo in the finale. Most conductors don’t take it allegro as marked but instead focus on the broadness of the melody and take it slower. Dausgaard however decides to take the allegro route. As always the orchestra sounds awesome, but when it starts as fast as it does there is little room to grow. There is basically no perfect tempo for the last movement; it’s either to slow or too fast for my taste…

But overall, ignore my remarks about the finale and listen to this!!!! It is probably one of the best performances I’ve ever heard of any piece. The orchestra is just spot on. Also, the camera work is the best I’ve seen, so if nothing else, admire that.


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