Ives: They are there

This, as the video says, is an old recording of Ives both singing and playing his song “There are there.” It’s actually hysterical. Whenever it’s it’s marked in the score for the singer to shout, Ives really shouts. The text is completely new. This recording was made during World War 2, while the original had text about World War 1, so it’s been updated. He also isn’t opposed to inserting his own asides; “When we’re through this cursed war, all those dynamite-sneaking gougers, making slaves of men (God damn them).” I’m pretty sure Ives rewrote the text himself, since it includes lines like the above and “Most wars are made by small, stupid, selfish bossing groups.” It’s not very often we get to hear the composers take part in performing all the parts of a piece, but I’m not sure how “authentic” it is, since it is basically a whole new piece. Regardless, it’s fun, For comparison, here is the original version from the 114 songs.


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