Beethoven 6

Today, for no good reason, I decided to listen to the Beethoven 6th symphony. My knowledge of Beethoven is sadly rather limited. This is pretty bad because Beethoven is like, the most important/one of the greatest composers ever, and I try to masquerade as someone who knows his shit about Western Art Music, and also I’m a composer. But I am young and motivated and in college, and college is all about discovery! So today was Beethoven 6 day. In listening, I was constantly reminded of Erik Klackner’s struggle with the same piece. However, I didn’t have as much a problem with it! Aside from the second movement, which was just way too long, I found the work to be engaging and interesting. The second movement did have one redeeming; there was a melody that was scored for two solo cellos, solo bassoon, and violas. This was perhaps the first really unique tone color used in orchestral music. That might be a helplessly ignorant statement, but hey, it sounds good to me!

I will try to keep remedying my Beethoven deficiency, and since soon I’ll have a lot more extra time on my hands, I can get heavy doses.

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1 Response to Beethoven 6

  1. crackladen says:

    Glad you didn’t have to struggle as much as I did. Make sure you check out Vanska’s cycle if you’re diving into the symphonies…it’s legit!

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