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SUNY Fredonia Chamber Orchestra

I haven’t posted on here since December. Pretty much an entire semester has gone by without me actually writing anything, so I figured I might as well fix that.  Last night I went to the last Chamber Orchestra concert of … Continue reading

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Maslanka: Symphony 2

I recently thought when I was browsing through the internet trying to find (and being unable to find) discussion/opinion on various pieces not deeply entrenched in the public’s ears, “Hey, there may be other people like me, so maybe I … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

First off, a big Happy 281st Birthday to Mr. Franz Joseph Haydn, father of the symphony and string quartet, and overall genius. Also, no better way to celebrate the resurrection day than with the resurrection symphony! Of course, Mahler wasn’t … Continue reading

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Gergiev + Mahler = <3

I have the score to Mahler 2 on loan from the local university’s score library, and it’s due in the next couple of weeks and I hadn’t listened to it in a while, so I figured i’d go on youtube … Continue reading

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