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SUNY Fredonia Chamber Orchestra

I haven’t posted on here since December. Pretty much an entire semester has gone by without me actually writing anything, so I figured I might as well fix that.  Last night I went to the last Chamber Orchestra concert of … Continue reading

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Beethoven 6

Today, for no good reason, I decided to listen to the Beethoven 6th symphony. My knowledge of Beethoven is sadly rather limited. This is pretty bad because Beethoven is like, the most important/one of the greatest composers ever, and I … Continue reading

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Beethoven and Shostakovich

(I’m not good with aligning photos) I was looking at the Cleveland Orchestra’s ’13/’14 season which was recently released. In late October they are doing 3 concerts with a Beethoven symphony (3,4 and 5) on the first half of the … Continue reading

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Quantity and Quality

Is the more merrier? There have been some composers who just bang out pieces like it was nothing, and there have been others who take years with pieces. There have been masterpieces from both types of composers. I just want … Continue reading

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Listen to this: Happy Birthday to me

So today is my birthday, so this is how I celebrate. I found the above a while ago, and it’s fitting it be shared today. Only Stravinsky could do something like this and have it not suck. I think it’s … Continue reading

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The Art and Science of Composing

The first minute or so of this video sums up how I feel now: I don’t enjoy composing, I enjoy having composed. I’ve been working on an extended work for string quintet for about two months now, and it’s getting … Continue reading

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Number 9, Number 9

Everyone and their cat knows about the stigma behind a composer’s 9th Symphony. It should be one of the composer’s crowning achievements , long, and really powerful and deep. Of course it started with that guy: Ol’ Ludwig. But really … Continue reading

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