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Quantity and Quality

Is the more merrier? There have been some composers who just bang out pieces like it was nothing, and there have been others who take years with pieces. There have been masterpieces from both types of composers. I just want … Continue reading

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Arbitrary Countdowns: Top 10 Symphonies I.

A symphony is defined as: an elaborate instrumental composition in three or more movements, similar in form to a sonata but written for an orchestra and usually of far grander proportions and more varied elements. Everyone has their favorites, as do I. I’ve decided, as the title would allude to, to make a top 10 symphonies list. I’ve also decided to let it be changeable. I figure, periodically I’ll … Continue reading

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Number 9, Number 9

Everyone and their cat knows about the stigma behind a composer’s 9th Symphony. It should be one of the composer’s crowning achievements , long, and really powerful and deep. Of course it started with that guy: Ol’ Ludwig. But really … Continue reading

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