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The Espansiva gets it’s balls knocked off

Before today, somehow I had managed to not watch this performance of Nielsen’s 3rd Symphony. You think I would’ve listened to it by now, considering I’ve been a huge fan of the work for quite a while now, and also … Continue reading

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Nielsen: Wind Quintet

I dig the music of Carl Nielsen. He is a bad-ass in about every way. Being a wind player myself, I love his wind writing in his symphonies, mostly because it is so insane: The 5th symphony is also a … Continue reading

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Nielsen: Symphony 3

  The last few weeks, in what little spare time I’ve had, I’ve been on a Nielsen binge, and by that I mean I have listened to every recording of his symphony 3 on youtube. His music is just so … Continue reading

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Arbitrary Countdowns: Top 10 Symphonies I.

A symphony is defined as: an elaborate instrumental composition in three or more movements, similar in form to a sonata but written for an orchestra and usually of far grander proportions and more varied elements. Everyone has their favorites, as do I. I’ve decided, as the title would allude to, to make a top 10 symphonies list. I’ve also decided to let it be changeable. I figure, periodically I’ll … Continue reading

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