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Franck: Symphony in D minor, or the result of too much time and too many scores

So I’ve moved off to college and I’ve settled down nice and good. What does the really entail? Basically I’m spending most of my time either in music classes, writing music/practicing, or in the score library. I visited the library … Continue reading

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Gershwin: American in Paris

Recently, and by that I mean the last month, I’ve been on a big Gershwin binge, and by that I mean hardly a day goes by when I don’t listen to something by him. Of course he is probably best … Continue reading

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Happy B-Day: Rite of Spring

So I had a gig tonight. It went better than the Rite of Spring premier 100 years ago to the day, which is to say that there was no riot… I first heard the Rite of Spring in my freshman … Continue reading

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Rite of Spring + Saxophones = Holy Christ

The title really says it all. Holy Christ. All the saxophones are playing from memory. FROM MEMORY!! The Rite of Spring. Jesus. Note: the percussionists are reading from music. Serious disappointment. Also mad props to the bass sax guy who … Continue reading

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